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Seattle Mommy Makeover after Weight Loss – Marilyn’s Story. Dr. Phil Haeck, Plastic Surgeon

Marilyn’s life has changed greatly since she’s been seeing Dr. Haeck. She used to be overweight & depressed in how she looked and felt. In addition to committing herself to exercise, she received a few extra boosts of confidence to reach that next step in her self improvement. Her tummy-tuck, breast reduction & breast lift left her body looking decades younger.

The final facelift procedure proved to be the tipping point with her self-confidence. She’s now extremely proud to walk in her own skin. All of these procedures have resulted in a beautiful, upgraded figure for Marilyn. This mommy makeover has left Marilyn beaming with confidence inside & out. You too can achieve great results like these & become the hot mom you’ve always wanted to be.

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Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation Testimonial, Dr. Phil Haeck, Seattle WA

Check out this 70 year old woman. Total body transformation after weight loss! Breast lift, tummy tuck and old scar transformatoin as well. Her outside now matches the inside. Dr. Haeck is so professional & so warm and kind that you’ll feel like family. Now she wakes up, looks in the mirror & thinks “this is the best thing I could have ever done for myself.” “I turned my body over to him and

he gave me back perfection!”
Marilyn’s facelift has left her looking young & feeling great. Her experience at Dr. Haeck’s office was fantastic! She always felt welcomed & comfortable at the office, the procedure was smooth and the recovery was easy. She is absolutely amazed by the way her face looks now thanks to a facelift from Dr. Phil Haeck.