The Northwest Natural Look

I have been asked a lot of times by my patients to make them look natural and not fake. In the Northwest, the look people are going for is the “Natural Look” and not faces pulled ridiculously tight or their bosoms over-inflated. That is not the look I want for my patients.

So, I developed a philosophy, which I call the “Northwest Natural Look “, a softer, smoother, more rested look. This means not getting an over stretched look even if that means having a few leftover wrinkles in the face. I want people to think that my patients just got a good night’s sleep – and not that they had plastic surgery.  You may have seen those people in Dallas, Miami, or Hollywood where they had their faces and bodies overly done. People in the Northwest do not want to look like that.

In breast surgery, the way I do them is the round bulges under the chin don’t stay when the bra comes off. That is the “natural look.” Your breasts will be lifted and re-shaped but will look natural. If you want your breasts to look like you are wearing a push up bra, I am not your plastic surgeon for that because that is not the look I want for my patients.

I want my patients who choose to have breast surgery to feel confident that no one will know until they tell them. This is Seattle, not L.A. where plastic surgery is a status symbol, and how large and tight you go and who performs your procedure is more important than feeling confident about yourself.

Here are my highest compliments as a Northwest Natural surgeon. These the types of things I hear from patients all the time…

“I feel great, I wear far less make up and my husband thinks he has a new, younger wife. But no one has said a thing to me. When I told my sister she acted surprised but she probably had figured it out. It’s been great.”

When unmarried patients come back a few years after their breast surgery and they are now married, I asked them, “When did you discuss your implants with your new husband?” This is when I feel very accomplished when they tell me, “When I confessed it to him he was so surprised. He never suspected it.”

“I was at the pool with my kids in my new bikini after my mommy makeover. A stranger said it was so nice to see a babysitter who was so affectionate with someone else’s children. I never corrected her and let her think just that.”

“After my breast reduction I began doing things I never felt comfortable doing before. I started climbing mountains and going backpacking. I discovered a whole new side of the Northwest, and if I hadn’t had that surgery, I never would have survived using a backpack for more than an hour.”

Call us at (206) 462-2024 if you want to feel more confident, look more natural, and get more compliments. I specialize in keeping your new looks natural, just like the Northwest should be.