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Dr. Phil Haeck


We are very proud of the fact that we have thousands of happy patients! Below are just a few of the many reviews and testimonials we have received from our patients.

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Patient Reviews

Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Title of Review: Great experience and Perfect Results!
Review: I recently underwent a breast augmentation done by Dr. Haeck.  Overall it was a fantastic experience.  Dr. Haeck was friendly, welcoming, and helpful from the get-go.  The initial consultations were very thorough and Dr. Haeck and all of his team answered all of my questions.  I went in for my procedure, which went far better than I had anticipated.  Less than a week later I was completely off pain medication, I had minimal swelling, and minimal bruising.  I’m just 1.5 weeks out from my surgery, so I am still in the recovery phase, but I am already beyond excited about the results of my surgery.  I would recommend Dr. Haeck to anyone and everyone interested in a breast augmentation!!
Rate: 5 out of 5

Procedure: Breast augmentation
He is the best
Review: I can not say enough …I love what he did for me! They are so nice and natural. Healing time was quick. Thank you so much!
Rate: 5 out of 5

Procedure: Liposuction
You get honest, artistic, and AMAZING results!

Review: I love him, his staff, and my new body! I’m only 2 weeks post op will still a ton of swelling – but can see the new shape my body has taken. He answered EVERY question I had, took his time with me, made me feel comfortable…I can’t say enough about him. I will definitely do more in other areas of my body once I save up a bit more. Do your homework…get other consults under your belt… and you’ll really see the difference you’ll get with him and his staff. THANK YOU DR. HAECK!!!!!!
Rate: 5 out of 5

My sister’s and my Back to Back Breast Augmentations – Seattle, WA
Posted by Jennifer29 in Seattle, WA

I rated Dr. Haeck the way I did because he and his staff are great! I would recommend him to anyone that wants to have elective surgery, especially a breast augmentation. The staff treats you with respect, and gets you back really quickly when you have an appointment. Wait times are practically nonexistent. Dr. Heack also treats you with dignity and respect, makes you feel comfortable and explains everything in a way that is easy to understand. Dr. Haeck also wants the best for his patients and goes far beyond any other doctor that I have ever had encountered to make sure the experience is a very positive one! I really have enjoyed my breast augmentation journey. I also would tell anyone, even if they have to drive to Seattle to go see him, it is completely worth the drive!!! I will be posting before and after pictures soon.

Lower Face Lift
Lower Facelift and Upper Eyelid Surgery – Seattle, WA
Posted by Julie in Seattle in Seattle, WA

As a health professional, I chose Dr. Haeck because of my colleagues professional and personal recommendations. Both nurses and doctors advised me that he is the best and the only one they would have do their cosmetic surgery. One nurse shared her before and after pictures and had me hooked at first look. After my consult, I knew I was in the right place, at the right time, with the right Doctor. I am now sharing my before and after pictures, as I have had a 5 star outcome and wish the same for others! I would want others to know that during my office visits, I have met others who have come from around the world to have Dr. haeck do their surgery and are as pleased as I am.

Tummy Tuck
Highly Recommended! – Seattle, WA
Posted by Southworth3724 in Seattle, WA

Exceeded my expectations in all areas. Dr. H is very personable and made me feel completely at ease with the procedure. Follow-up care is superb, and the doctor took all the time I needed to answer questions before, during and after the procedure. I’m 45 and headed to Maui in a week – where I’ll be wearing a bikini for the first time in over 20 years :)
“A Definate Reccommend – Seattle, WA”
Posted by debdill1 in Seattle, WA

Dr. Haeck and staff are GREAT!! Very caring and yet very professional! I am extremely happy with his work.

“Great Experience – Seattle, WA”
Posted by 140edr in Seattle, WA

Dr. Haeck and his nurses, anesthesiologist and office staff all went out of their way to make sure I was well cared for before, during and after the procedure. Dr. Haeck’s attention to detail, aesthetic sense, surgical skill, bedside manner and regard for safety are tops. I would give him the highest recommendation.

“Amazing Experience! – Seattle, WA”
Posted by JHSea in Seattle, WA

I had a consultation with Dr. Haeck this morning and left his office feeling confident that I had been referred to the best of the best. He has incredibly energy, offered honest solutions and encouraged realistic expectations. His ability to educate, answer questions and listen to my concerns helped guide me towards a decision to have lipo in 3 areas of my legs. I would recommend him to anyone considering cosmetic surgery. Stay tuned for the results…

Breast Augmentation

“My Sister and my Back to Back Breast Augmentation – Seattle, WA”
Posted by adays27 in Seattle, WA
“amazing! – Seattle, WA ”
Posted by latte and nordies lover in Seattle, WA

Dr. Haeck is amazing!! Not only were my results outstanding, but the level of care I received was phenominal. He is just an extremely gifted surgeon and an outstanding physician. I highly recommend him to anyone contemplating plastic surgery, he’s the best you won’t be dissappointed.

Breast Augmentation
“Best Experience! – Seattle, WA”
Posted by barbk69 in Seattle, WA

I researched the best plastic surgeons in Washington State. I contacted Dr. Phil Haeck and was given all the courtesy, knowledge and information that I needed. His staff was very helpful and kept things very confidential.
“Thank You Dr. Haeck – Seattle, WA”
Posted by 11211121 in Seattle, WA

Internet…I researched every Dr. In Seattle

Tummy Tuck
“Dr. Haeck Changed My Life – Seattle, WA”
Posted by shanb1313 in Seattle, WA

My OBGYN recommended Dr. Haeck

Mommy Makeover
“I am so happy with my mommy makeover results!! – Seattle, WA”
Posted by missWA143 in Seattle, WA

I was referred to Dr. H by a friend who had just used him for her BA and was thrilled with the results. I chose him after I saw him at the consultation. He was very down to earth and put me at ease about a lot of the reservations I had about the surgeries. I liked his approach to the “natural look” because that was something that was hard for me to find consistently in other before and after pictures from other surgeons.
“Best Doc in Town! – Seattle, WA”
Posted by naama in Seattle, WA

Referral from day spa that I use. When I first met Dr. Phil I realized this journey was going to be magnificent. Not only did I find a doctor with the highest medical credentials achievable, but he came with a built-in bed-side manner that immediately put me at ease. He listened to my concerns and wishes and then used his amazing skills to make my personal goals a reality. Beginning with the office staff, who accommodated my tight work schedule, to the surgical team (including RNs and Anesthesiologist) who were compationate, caring and who took the time to answer all my questions, all my expectations were exceeded. Personal image is such an important part of who we are; I am grateful to Dr. Phil for giving me the opportunity to make the most of my potential. Dr. Haeck and his team are nothing short of a six star event in my opinion. Thank you all.
“Great Doctor! Great Bedside Manner! Great Results! – Seattle, WA”
Posted by jguelld in Seattle, WA

I researched a lot of doctors. I chose him based on his before and after photos. I had a friend who went to the same surgery center and she also had a similar great experience. Dr. Haeck and his entire office made the entire experience really easy and comfortable. He takes time with you. I never felt rushed or pushed in any direction. My results are as close to prefect as I think anyone could do. I would definitly recommend him!!! He is nice, funny, professional, and extremly good at what he does.

Neck Lift
“Enjoying my Neck Again! – Seattle, WA”
Posted by SeattleLady in Seattle, WA

Dr. Haeck was the “complete package” when you are looking for an empathetic, knowledgable plastic surgeon. I choose him to make an appt for a consultation after reading the reviews on Real Self. Meeting him was better than I could have imagined – putting me at ease, listening to my concerns, explaining a course of action.

Breast Implant Removal
“Wonderful Outcome! – Seattle, WA”
Posted by SeattleLady in Seattle, WA

I went to Dr. Haeck for a consultation because of the great reviews on Realself. He was exactly as described -put me at ease, treated me with dignity and listened to my concerns and answered all my questions. He has a magnetic personality which you can connect with almost instantly. The surgery and results exceeded my expectations – wish I’d gone to him sooner!

“Dr. Haeck is the Best – Seattle, WA”
Posted by hawaiianislandgirl in Seattle, WA

I couldn’t have asked for better results or service from his staff. My recovery went very well, considering I had the typical swelling and soreness. I write this review because 15 years ago Dr. Haeck performed a breast augmentation on me which he did an outstanding job. I knew he was the surgeon to go to for my next procedure because I was completely satisfied with my previous procedure and knew I could trust him to do his best and achieve the results I was looking to attain. . His excellent surgical skills and technique made my recovery a piece of cake. I would highly recommend Dr. Haeck for any of your surgical procedures for cosmetic purposes.

June 28th, 2012
“Professionalism, Knowledgeable and Met Every Expectation – Seattle, WA”
Posted by duvonne in Seattle, WA

Dr. Haeck and staff were very professional. I appreciated their educated responses and attentiveness to accommodate my busy schedule. They understood what and why I was there. If I knew the outcome of my procedure was going to be so positive I would have done it years ago.
“Great Experience – Seattle, WA”
Posted by stay anonymous in Seattle, WA

The entire experience was excellent in all categories
“Highly Recommended. Amazing Doctor and Staff – Seattle, WA”
Posted by skimball1984 in Seattle, WA

Dr. Haeck and his team were amazing. They made my experience so perfect. He was very thorough and did everything possible to make sure I was happy with the results. His office staff and the nurses were also very polite and helpful. He and his staff have my highest recommendation for any service you are seeking. I could not be happier with my results.

Male Breast Reduction

“Solid Experiance with a Quality Doctor and Staff – Seattle, WA”
Posted by GP79 in Seattle, WA
I had struggled gynecomastia since my teens and finally decided to take the plunge.

“Happy with the Results – Seattle, WA”
Posted by Anonymous1987 in Seattle, WA

I visited another doctor first. That doctor tried to sell me on a new method. Dr. Haeck took the time to explain the exact differences between the two types of procedure as well as how the end results differ.

Breast Implants
“Great Expierence – Seattle, WA”
Posted by courean in Seattle, Wa

It was an overall positive experience.
“Excellent Results – Seattle”
Posted by P in Seattle in Seattle, WA

I felt from the moment I walked in the door that these were professionals that truly cared about my wants and concerns. I never felt rushed, the procedure was explained to me in detail and I always felt that they had my best interests at heart. I had always wanted to have this procedure done but knew that having an excellent result was priority. Dr. Haeck far exceeded my expectations in every way.