Seattle Tummy Tuck Surgery Overview (Abdominoplasty)

Seattle Tummy Tuck Surgery Overview

Dr. Phil Haeck, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Seattle, Washington for more than 25 years explains two reasons to get a tummy tuck and what the procedure involves. (tummy tuck to remove excess skin from weight loss or to get pre-baby figure back)



Hi I’m Dr. Phil Haeck and I’m a board-certified plastic surgeon. I operated in Seattle for over 25 years and now I work at the Polyclinic Plastic Surgery.

Women want to know “Why would I need a tummy tuck?” And there’s two basic reasons, one if you’ve lost some weight and you have loose skin hanging off of your abdomen – that’s the best reason to get a tummy tuck. As well as the other best reason is “I’ve had a couple of babies and I have stretch marks and have a goofy shape that I didn’t have before my first pregnancy”.

There’s two reasons we’re going to do a tummy tuck on a patient like that. One is to fix the muscles called the rectus muscles that got stretched and widened after pregnancy. That’s going to restore your shape. After we’ve tightened them, it’s just a matter of tailoring off the most amount of skin that we can get with the tiniest scar afterwards.