Seattle Tummy Tuck – Where are the scars? What is recovery like?

Seattle Tummy Tuck Surgery Overview

Women want to know what scars are like for a tummy tuck. Is it large? small? Can I wear a bikini after a tummy tuck? Dr. Phil Haeck answers these important questions to give you confidence in this procedure.



Women always want to know, right away, where’s the scar after my tummy tuck? And in general, it’s going to be hidden in your panty or your bikini bottom. It might go as far as the hip. A hip to hip scar is not uncommon when we’re taking off a lot of skin but you should be able to shop and be confident that whatever you buy that scar is going to be hidden. And it always amazing me when I see people back after a year, how much that scar is faded and the trade off that they made. A long scar for a flatter tummy is such a good trade off for them.

Women want to know about the recovery after a tummy tuck. And it’s really a two-phased recovery. The first phase might be as short as three to five days but in general I want you up walking during that whole phase. I want you exercising your muscles, opening up your lung tissue. I don’t want you lying around in bed for three days. That’s not a good thing.

After the first week, you might be off narcotics or taking very few at the end of the day. You might be driving. You might be going to work for brief periods of time or working from home, if you can do it. At the end of two weeks you should be back to regular daily activities but not exercising yet.

I don’t want you back in the gym doing yoga or Zumba for at least two months. I’ve worked very hard to get your core muscles put back to where I want them and I don’t want you taking those apart yet.

At the end of two months, you should feel confident that you can do core exercises as well but ask your surgeon. Some of us are more conservative than others.