Seattle Mommy Makeover after Weight Loss – Marilyn’s Story

Seattle Mommy Makeover after Weight Loss – Marilyn’s Story

Mommy Makeover after Weight Loss – Marilyn’s Story, Dr. Phil Haeck, Plastic Surgeon, Seattle, WA When Marilyn turned 69, she committed to losing weight and transforming herself to look like the energized, sexy and happy woman she felt like on the inside. Marilyn is now 80 pounds lighter and shares her incredible story of transformation and commitment. She talks about the work she did with Dr. Phil Haeck (Face Lift, Tummy Tuck, and Breast Augmentation) to deal with the tough areas that fitness and nutrition could not fix.


Marilyn: You may not think ordinarily of a face lift as being a health benefit, but it is. And the health benefit that I got from it, was a tremendous boost in self-confidence. And self-confidence, of course, releases all kinds of wonderful things in your body. You start to become more confident, you think you can just do things, and you can! It’s just a very interesting process. I had put on quite a bit of weight and I knew that the time had come for me to change my life. So I joined a gym, hired a personal trainer, and borrowed from my 401K to do it because this is an investment in me. And so I would say that the facelift gave me that little shot of confidence I needed just to go to the next step.

Dr. Haeck: So how much did you weigh at your heaviest? It’s your little secret you’re not supposed to reveal, but we’ve talked about this.

Marilyn: No, I’m going to tell the absolute truth. We’ve talked about this. I weighed 241 at my worst and in most of the pictures that you will see, I’d probably say about 220.

Dr. Haeck: And you’ve dropped down to what? Marilyn: I weighed 150 this morning, but I will tell you that’s 150 of solid muscle. Because I still work out.

Dr. Haeck: I love that, I love that. You took off a lot of weight quickly, and then we went through another phase where we adjusted a few things. There was a little extra skin and there was a little change that we needed to do with your breasts. And you’ve been really, really happy with that.

Marilyn: Thrilled, thrilled! This was the icing on the cake, what I had decided anyway, as part of the health process, I had breast implants that had been there for a long, long time. And I wanted my breasts made smaller and I wanted them lifted up so that they’d be cute again.

Dr. Haeck: Well, we got that.

Marilyn: Oh, did we ever! And then we had a tummy tuck.

Dr. Haeck: Let’s talk about how people have reacted to you because lots of people have watched this transformation as well. What have they said?

Marilyn: It’s interesting. People don’t say a lot, but the whole thing that changes is their attitude. Because I’m still working, of course, in an environment with quite a few people around me and it’s kind of interesting, just maybe a couple of weeks ago, one of the attorneys that I work with came up to me out of the clear blue sky. We’re not necessarily close, buddy-buddy, but he said you know, you are absolutely amazing, I can’t believe that you’re the same person and I’m amazed at how you’ve kept your weight loss down and you just keep seeming to look younger and younger all the time. I said, “I have my secrets!”

Dr. Haeck: It is a transformation.

Marilyn: Yes. It is.