Seattle Facelift Overview Video

Seattle Facelift Overview – Before/After Photos

Seattle facelift expert, Dr. Phil Haeck explains what happens with aging and how he approaches facelifts. Sometimes he only needs to do a neck lift – to match it to the still youthful face. This is not a terribly painful operation – the recovery is typically 7-10 days for bruising to disappear., 206-860-4684 1229 Madison St., Suite 1600, Seattle

Hi, I’m Dr. Phil Haeck. I’m a board certified plastic surgeon. I’ve worked in Seattle for over 25 years. I’m working at The Polyclinic Plastic Surgery and today I want to talk to you about facelifts. Lots of women come to talk to me about their fears of having a face lift. They know they’ve aged. They see themselves in pictures. They don’t want to look as bad in a picture forever and ever or even get worse.

So a facelift is a way of restoring youth to the face. If you look at a person who is aged, there’s usually several components. As we age, our face tends to move forward and down. And a facelift does a lot to restore the position of your cheeks, may be 10 or 20 years ago and the subtle changes that go with that.

I approach a facelift in several different ways. But basically what I’m looking at is how much has the woman or the man aged in the neck, how much have they aged in their face, what’s the position of the cheeks, and have they aged in their eyes as well. Some people come in and still have a youthful face but hate their granny-pants. They hate the way their neck looks. They can have a neck lift that doesn’t do anything to the face but just restores the age of the neck to the age of the face.

There’s lots of different reasons to approach a plastic surgeon about a facelift. But one of the things you have to remember is that it’s real surgery. There is a recovery time. It’s not a terribly painful operation but when you’re bruised you might not want to go to the grocery store. And you might be bruised for up to 10 days afterwards.