Seattle Breast Reduction – Dr. Haeck

Breast Reduction Overview - Dr. Phil Haeck

Dr. Phil Haeck explains the benefits of having a breast reduction surgery. Many women experience back pain and shoulder pain as a result of their breasts. Some are self-conscious about clothing and exercise because of their size. Dr. Haeck says he can help and these are some of his happiest patients in plastic surgery.

Video Transcript:
Hi, I’m Dr. Phil Haeck, of Seattle, Washington. I’ve been a board certified plastic surgeon for over 25 years. Now, I work at the PolyClinic Plastic Surgery. Today, I want to talk to you about breast reduction.¬†A breast reduction removes tissue from the breast. That’s the most simple way to talk about it. The trade off is that there are some scars but the breast is actually a tidier, smaller breast that takes the weight off the shoulders and the back. And the scarring fades over time. After breast reduction, women are typically happier with the shape of their breasts but they’re really happy with having the weight off their shoulders. They have less back pain, they have less shoulder pain, they take less pills. Psychologically, there’s a big difference when a woman has been bothered by the size of her breasts and having to dress appropriately and can’t run, can’t exercise, can’t do Zumba. Afterwards, these are some of the happiest patients in plastic surgery.