Seattle Breast Lift – What Is A Breast Lift?

What Is A Breast Lift – Breast Lift Overview

Dr. Phil Haeck, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Seattle, Washington explains what a breast lift is and how it is different from a breast reduction. If you’re looking for a Seattle breast lift, Dr. Haeck’s your man.

Hi, I’m Dr. Phil Haeck. I’m a board certified plastic surgeon in Seattle, Washington and I work for the PolyClinic Plastic Surgery. Today I want to talk to you about breast lift, also known as a mastopexy.

The difference between a breast reduction and a breast lift is kind of subtle. Both of them involve the same type of scarring hidden in a bikini, hidden in a bra. A breast lift does not reduce the volume as much as a breast reduction.

A breast lift, the key is to get the nipple at or above the inframammary fold. So the idea of a perky breast is to actually be able to see tissue between the fold and the bottom of the nipple. A lot of women with very very, for lack of a better word, saggy breasts, have no concept of what a perky breast looks like. And the real truth of the matter is it’s the position of the nipple.

When we’re talking about what type of breast lift is appropriate for you there’s two things to keep in mind. One is how high to reposition the nipple and how much of the inframammary fold, that’s the crease at the bottom of the breast, we want to see.

Before a breast lift, most women won’t even see their inframammary fold when they’re standing up in front of a mirror. There’s skin and tissue covering it. Lying down, they can’t see it either because everything falls away.

The various types of breast lift all have one goal – reposition the nipple and expose the inframammary fold.