Seattle Breast Implants – The Many Shapes & Sizes

Seattle Breast Implants – The Many Shapes & Sizes


In this video, Dr. Phil Haeck, a board certified plastic surgeon at The Polyclinic Plastic Surgery in Seattle, Washington explains the three basic shapes of breast implants – high profile, medium profile, low profile and why every woman may need a specific shape for their body type.


Hi, I’m Dr. Phil Haeck, and I’m a board-certified plastic surgeon in Seattle, Washington and I work for the Polyclinic Plastic Surgery. I’ve been doing breast augmentation for twenty five years.

Women want to know about different shapes of implants. Basically, the standard silicone implant comes in three shapes. One that’s called a low profile. The most popular, which is a medium profile that’s narrower than the low profile and has a little more projection, and a high profile. A high profile implant is more projection of the nipple and the tissue away from the rib cage, but it’s narrower. So size for size the higher projection implant isn’t going to give women who need width the right choice.

The width of your breast is a key factor in determining what’s the right implant. If you already have breasts that are close together, it won’t take a large implant to give you lots of cleavage lines, but if your breasts are far apart there might be a very large implant for you that will get you to that point, but you might have to go larger than you would want.