Seattle Breast Augmentation – Nipple Sensitivity

Seattle Breast Augmentation – Do Incisions Cause Nipple Sensitivity Loss?

Women are often concerned about where a scar is for breast augmentation surgery and if they will lose nipple sensation. Dr. Haeck discusses a common incision point, around the nipple, and what nipple-sensation is really caused from.

Transcript: Hi, I’m Dr. Phil Haeck and I’m a board-certified plastic surgeon in Seattle, Washington. I work for the Polyclinic Plastic Surgery and I’ve been doing breast augmentations for 25 years.

Women are always concerned about scars for a breast augmentation. Somehow, we’ve got to get that implant below your skin and either under your breast gland or under the muscle. Whenever we start to talk about scars around the nipple, I get women who get a little queazy that they might lose sensation with that. The truth of the matter is loss of nipple sensitivity is based more on the size of the implant because nerves to the nipple actually leave the rib cage out on the side. Putting in a larger implant might affect those nerves to the point that they might not give you the types of sensation that you had before the surgery. It’s still a safe operation, it’s a terrific incision, and you can also breast feed later.