Breast Implant Exchange at Plastic Surgery Seattle

Breast Augmentation Seattle WADr. Phil Haeck performs breast implant exchange procedures, sometimes described as breast implant revision at our plastic surgery offices located in Seattle and Issaquah. While breast implant revision surgery may be needed for leaking breast implants or hardening of the breast implant, it is commonly performed to change cup size.

Selecting the appropriate breast implant size and shape is very subjective, particularly when considering how life situations and clothing fashions change over time. For some, the first choice of implant may be a bit too small while for others, an augmentation can produce breasts that end up being too large. This is why breast implant exchange is important and something to consider. It requires an expert in the field to get the result you desire.

Breast implant exchange can help you obtain the look you want– whether you want a more voluptuous figure or to achieve just the right size. In the end, you want to achieve aesthetic harmony and be happy with the results. Dr. Haeck will help you make a great decision regarding the selection of a new size and style of implant.

Implant exchange procedures are starting to become more common.  Many women are very happy with their initial choices, however, if you need a change, a breast implant exchange procedure may be the answer.