Breast Asymmetry Correction at Plastic Surgery Seattle

Breast LiftIn our two offices in Seattle and Issaquah, Dr. Haeck performs numerous breast augmentations and breast asymmetry procedures each year.

Breast asymmetry procedures are for women who have breasts of varying measurements, shapes, or both. These patients often want more than simply breast augmentation, they are interested in having the symmetry of their breasts improved as well. For these patients, the asymmetry may be hereditary, or can become noticeable after a previous breast augmentation procedure.

Congenital asymmetry can be improved by utilizing implants of different sizes, and sometimes a separate projection. When there are small differences from side to side, sometimes a small change in volume is all that is required. If there are large changes in measurements and projection, then implants of varying projections may be used. For example, a moderate profile implant may be used on one side that is more projecting, and a high profile implant on the other side that is flatter.  It is always important to maintain the wi
dths of the implants to make sure that the two sides will appear proportional.

Breast asymmetry can result from numerous factors. During your consultation, Dr. Haeck will spend time to identify the reason for the problem.  There is often not just a single solution for asymmetry of the breast and Dr. Haeck will look at your specific situation to determine the very best option for you.