Breast Augmentation Videos

Seattle Breast Augmentation Expert – Dr. Phil Haeck

For over 25 years, Dr. Phil Haeck has performed reliable breast augmentations. The decision of what’s the right implant for you should be done based on your own anatomy with a plastic surgeon who has experience with all types of implants. Look no further than Dr. Phil Haeck!

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Breast Augmentation Before Pregnancy

Women want to know if it’s OK to get a breast augmentation before having children. Dr. Haeck shares that he has many patients who have successfully breast fed with implants. He has also seen breast implants act like a splint, helping breasts go back to their original shape after pregnancy.

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What To Expect After A Breast Augmentation

In this Q&A video, Dr. Phil Haeck explains what to expect after a breast augmentation. When you can expect to wash your hair, walk, go to the gym and get back to your every day life. Dr. Haeck also explains what to expect if you push yourself too hard and the consequences.

What is A Breast Augmentation?

What is a breast augmentation? There is a lot of misinformation on the internet and Dr. Phil Haeck, a board certified plastic surgeon at the Seattle Polyclinic Plastic Surgery, provides his patients with the truth and the options that are important for them. When considering a breast augmentation and breast implants, talk with your plastic surgeon about what size and shape is best for your body.
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Do Incisions Cause Nipple Sensitivity Loss?

Women are often concerned about where a scar is for breast augmentation surgery and if they will lose nipple sensation. Dr. Haeck discusses a common incision point, around the nipple, and what nipple-sensation is really caused from.
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